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    The influence of grain size and grain size distribution on sliding frictional contact in laterally graded materials

    , Article Mechatronics and Applied Mechanics, Hong Kong, 27 December 2011 through 28 December 2011 ; Volume 157-158 , 2012 , Pages 964-969 ; 16609336 (ISSN); 9783037853801 (ISBN) Khajehtourian, R ; Adibnazari, S ; Tashi, S ; 2011 International Conference; on Mechatronics and Applied Mechanics, ICMAM2011 ; Sharif University of Technology
    The sliding frictional contact problem for a laterally graded half-plane has been considered. Two finite element (FE) models, in macro and micro scales have been developed to investigate the effective parameters in contact mechanics of laterally graded materials loaded by flat and triangular rigid stamps. In macro scale model, the laterally graded half-plane is discretized by piecewise homogeneous layers for which the material properties are specified at the centroids by Mori-Tanaka method. In micro scale model, functionally graded material (FGM) structure has been modeled as ideal solid quadrant particles which are spatially distributed in a homogeneous matrix. Boundary conditions and... 

    Colorimetric detection of glutathione based on transverse overgrowth of high aspect ratio gold nanorods investigated by MCR-ALS

    , Article RSC Advances ; Volume 5, Issue 101 , 2015 , Pages 82906-82915 ; 20462069 (ISSN) Fahimi Kashani, N ; Shadabipour, P ; Hormozi-Nezhad, M. R ; Sharif University of Technology
    Royal Society of Chemistry  2015
    In this paper, we present a simple platform for colorimetric detection of glutathione using gold nanorods (AR ∼ 6.5 ± 0.2) as a plasmonic sensor. The functional mechanism of the sensor is based on shifts of longitudinal plasmon resonance during selective transverse overgrowth induced by preferential binding of glutathione at the nanorod tips. Under the optimum conditions, a calibration curve showed two linear regimes at the range of 50 nM to 20 μM of glutathione with a detection limit as low as 40 nM. The nanosensor maintains relatively high selectivity for determination of glutathione in the presence of several other amino acids. However, cysteine at similar concentration levels strongly... 

    Equilibrium state of a cylindrical particle with flat ends in nematic liquid crystals

    , Article Physical Review E - Statistical, Nonlinear, and Soft Matter Physics ; Volume 91, Issue 1 , January , 2015 ; 15393755 (ISSN) Hashemi, S. M ; Ejtehadi, M. R ; Sharif University of Technology
    American Physical Society  2015
    A continuum theory is employed to numerically study the equilibrium orientation and defect structures of a circular cylindrical particle with flat ends under a homeotropic anchoring condition in a uniform nematic medium. Different aspect ratios of this colloidal geometry from thin discotic to long rodlike shapes and several colloidal length scales ranging from mesoscale to nanoscale are investigated. We show that the equilibrium state of this colloidal geometry is sensitive to the two geometrical parameters: aspect ratio and length scale of the particle. For a large enough mesoscopic particle, there is a specific asymptotic equilibrium angle associated to each aspect ratio. Upon reducing the... 

    Prediction of equilibrium mixing state in binary particle spouted beds: Effects of solids density and diameter differences, gas velocity, and bed aspect ratio

    , Article Advanced Powder Technology ; Volume 26, Issue 5 , 2015 , Pages 1371-1382 ; 09218831 (ISSN) Karimi, H ; Dehkordi, A. M ; Sharif University of Technology
    Elsevier  2015
    The state of solids mixing can be considered as a key factor in accomplishment of high efficiency and a uniform product in gas-solid fluidized-beds operating with several different particle sizes. In the present work, coupled DEM-CFD approach was used to carefully investigate the mixing process of binary particles in flat-bottom spouted beds. In this regard, simultaneous effects of particle specifications, operating conditions, and bed dimensions on the equilibrium mixing state of solid mixture were evaluated in detail. Moreover, taking into account the contribution of various parameters, the obtained simulation results were used to draw a correlation for predicting the equilibrium mixing... 

    An experimental investigation of transition point over a quasi-2D swept wing by using hot film

    , Article Proceedings of the Institution of Mechanical Engineers, Part G: Journal of Aerospace Engineering ; Volume 229, Issue 2 , February , 2015 , Pages 243-255 ; 09544100 (ISSN) Hassanzadeh Khakmardani, M ; Soltani, M. R ; Masdari, M ; Davari, A ; Sharif University of Technology
    SAGE Publications Ltd  2015
    In this study, we performed experiments to investigate the effect of sweep angle on the transition location of laminar flow to turbulent flow. Three half wing models were used, each having a different sweep angle but with the same aspect ratio in various angles of attack. Two flat plates were used at the ends of the swept wing models to prevent the flow from rolling up over the wing. By simulating flow over infinity swept wing by eliminating tip vertices, the effect of sweep angle on flow transition phenomenon was investigated. The experiments included the study of transition flow via hot-film sensors, which were glued on the wing surface. We found that the small leading-edge radius and low... 

    Heat transfer of swirling impinging jets ejected from Nozzles with twisted tapes utilizing CFD technique

    , Article Case Studies in Thermal Engineering ; Volume 6 , September , 2015 , Pages 104-115 ; 2214157X (ISSN) Amini, Y ; Mokhtari, M ; Haghshenasfard, M ; Barzegar Gerdroodbary, M ; Sharif University of Technology
    Elsevier Ltd  2015
    This research investigated the forced convection heat transfer by using the swirling impinging jets. This study focused on nozzles, which equipped with twisted tapes via a numerical approach. The computational domain created by utilizing the fully structured meshes, which had very high quality from the viewpoint of aspect ratio and skewness. The numerical simulations were performed at four different jet-to-plate distances (L/D) of 2, 4, 6 and 8, four Reynolds numbers of 4000, 8000, 12,000 and 16,000, and also four different twist ratios (y/w) of 3, 4, 5 and 6. The mesh-independent tests were conducted based upon the average Nusselt number. The obtained results revealed good agreement with... 

    A new method for design of fixed wing micro air vehicle

    , Article Proceedings of the Institution of Mechanical Engineers, Part G: Journal of Aerospace Engineering ; Volume 229, Issue 5 , April , 2015 , Pages 837-850 ; 09544100 (ISSN) Hassanalian, M ; Khaki, H ; Khosravi, M ; Sharif University of Technology
    SAGE Publications Ltd  2015
    This study attempts to present a new and comprehensive cycle for the design of fixed wing micro air vehicles. The idea is to propose a complete cycle containing all micro air vehicles design subjects such as aerodynamics, stability, structure, and navigation. The main aim of the cycle is to decrease the designing time for an optimum design. In this method, the sizing process is started simultaneously, which involves the following cases: specification of mission and aviation plan; determination of planform and aspect ratio; constraint analysis; estimation of plane weight. Completion of these four phases results in the specification of the geometry and dimensions of the wing in an optimum... 

    A modified saliency detection for content-aware image resizing using cellular automata

    , Article Proceedings of the 2010 International Conference on Signal and Image Processing, ICSIP 2010, 15 December 2010 through 17 December 2010 ; 2010 , Pages 175-179 ; 9781424485949 (ISBN) Toony, Z ; Jamzad, M ; Sharif University of Technology
    It is often required that image resizing be done brightly in order to preserve important content. Some image resizing techniques like scaling and cropping fail to identify and protect important objects, or they produce non-photorealistic images. But content aware image resizing schemes aim to change image aspect ratios while preserving visually outstanding features. In this paper, a novel method for content aware resizing is presented. Seam carving, an effective image resizing algorithm, fails to protect important objects in images, when either the energy content of the objects are low with respect to their surroundings, or, the number of seams removed are very large. Using saliency map as... 

    Incorporating aspect ratio in a new modeling approach for strengthening of MMCs and its extension from micro to nano scale

    , Article Advanced Composite Materials ; Volume 19, Issue 4 , Apr , 2010 , Pages 299-316 ; 09243046 (ISSN) Zehtab Yazdi, A ; Bagheri, R ; Zebarjad, S. M ; Razavi Hesabi, Z ; Sharif University of Technology
    The strengthening behavior of particle reinforced metal-matrix composites is primarily attributed to the dislocation strengthening effect and the load transfer effect. To account for these two effects in a unified way, a new multi-scale approach is developed in this paper incorporating the aspect ratio effect into the geometrically necessary dislocation strengthening relationships. By making use of this multi-scale approach, the deformation behavior of metal-matrix composites (MMCs) and metal-matrix nanocomposites (MMNCs) as a function of size, volume fraction, aspect ratio, etc. of the particles has been investigated. Comparison with the previously proposed models and the available... 

    Influence of diaphragm opening on seismic response of rectangular RC buildings with end shear walls

    , Article Scientia Iranica ; Volume 23, Issue 4 , 2016 , Pages 1689-1698 ; 10263098 (ISSN) Khaloo, A. R ; Masoomi, H ; Nozhati, S ; Mohamadi Dehcheshmeh, M ; Sharif University of Technology
    Sharif University of Technology  2016
    Routinely, behavior of floor diaphragms is assumed completely rigid in their plane, which leads to erroneous results in analysis and design of some particular buildings. In this study, 4-story RC buildings, with end shear walls and plan aspect ratio of 3, are considered in order to investigate the influence of diaphragm openings on their seismic response. It is concluded that although in-plane floor flexibility has enormous effects on pre-yielding part of pushover curve, it has no influence on post-yielding part of that. Furthermore, the opening beside shear walls has crucial impact on response of building. Hence, it would be better off avoiding opening near the shear walls; if not, the... 

    CFD modeling of natural convection in right-angled triangular enclosures

    , Article International Journal of Heat and Technology ; Volume 34, Issue 3 , 2016 , Pages 503-506 ; 03928764 (ISSN) Mirabedin, S. M ; Sharif University of Technology
    Edizioni ETS  2016
    Two-dimensional numerical simulations have been performed to study natural convection in right-angled triangular enclosures filled with water considering different aspect ratios. Continuity, momentum and energy equations are solved assuming Boussinesq approximation utilizing COMSOL. Effect of Rayleigh number, Ra, on heat transfer rate is investigated by showing Nusselt number, Nu, for a range from 1 × 104 to 1 × 107 . It is shown that increasing aspect ratio of the cavity increases averaged Nusselt number in a cavity heated from below. Finally, a correlation for heat transfer rate is developed considering the effect of aspect ratio using simulation results  

    Second law analysis of slip flow heat transfer in annulus microchannel

    , Article Proceedings of the ASME Summer Heat Transfer Conference 2009, HT2009, 19 July 2009 through 23 July 2009, San Francisco, CA ; Volume 1 , 2009 , Pages 321-330 ; 9780791843567 (ISBN) Sadeghi, A ; Asgarshamsi, A ; Saidi, M. H ; Sharif University of Technology
    In the present work, the second law of thermodynamics analysis has been carried out for steady state hydrodynamically and thermally fully developed laminar gas flow in annulus microchannels with asymmetrically heated walls. The rarefaction effects are taken into consideration using first order slip velocity and temperature jump boundary conditions. Viscous heating is also included for both the hot wall and the cold wall cases. Using the velocity distribution obtained in earlier works, the energy equation is solved to get analytically the temperature distribution and consequently to compute the entropy generation rate. The effects of rarefaction and the annulus geometrical aspect ratio on... 

    Geometry effect on electrokinetic flow and ionic conductance in pH-regulated nanochannels

    , Article Physics of Fluids ; Volume 29, Issue 12 , 2017 ; 10706631 (ISSN) Sadeghi, M ; Saidi, M. H ; Moosavi, A ; Sadeghi, A ; Sharif University of Technology
    Semi-analytical solutions are obtained for the electrical potential, electroosmotic velocity, ionic conductance, and surface physicochemical properties associated with long pH-regulated nanochannels of arbitrary but constant cross-sectional area. The effects of electric double layer overlap, multiple ionic species, and surface association/dissociation reactions are all taken into account, assuming low surface potentials. The method of analysis includes series solutions which the pertinent coefficients are obtained by applying the wall boundary conditions using either of the least-squares or point matching techniques. Although the procedure is general enough to be applied to almost any... 

    Geometrical influence of a deposited particle on the performance of bridged carbon nanotube-based mass detectors

    , Article Physica E: Low-Dimensional Systems and Nanostructures ; Volume 94 , 2017 , Pages 31-46 ; 13869477 (ISSN) Ali Akbari, H. R ; Ceballes, S ; Abdelkefi, A ; Sharif University of Technology
    A nonlocal continuum-based model is derived to simulate the dynamic behavior of bridged carbon nanotube-based nano-scale mass detectors. The carbon nanotube (CNT) is modeled as an elastic Euler-Bernoulli beam considering von-Kármán type geometric nonlinearity. In order to achieve better accuracy in characterization of the CNTs, the geometrical properties of an attached nano-scale particle are introduced into the model by its moment of inertia with respect to the central axis of the beam. The inter-atomic long-range interactions within the structure of the CNT are incorporated into the model using Eringen's nonlocal elastic field theory. In this model, the mass can be deposited along an... 

    HPGR effect on the particle size and shape of iron ore pellet feed using response surface methodology

    , Article Transactions of the Institutions of Mining and Metallurgy, Section C: Mineral Processing and Extractive Metallurgy ; 2017 , Pages 1-9 ; 03719553 (ISSN) Abazarpoor, A ; Halali, M ; Hejazi, R ; Saghaeian, M ; Sharif University of Technology
    Taylor and Francis Ltd  2017
    In this study the effect of HPGR operational parameters on the dimensional properties of pellet feed was examined and optimized using factorial methodology. The operational parameters considered include feed moisture, specific pressure and roll speed. For this study, size and shape of particles with Blaine number in the range 1800–2200 cm2 g−1 was thoroughly investigated. It was deduced that increasing the specific pressure and decreasing the roll speed would result in reduction of D80 but would increase the Blaine number. The circularity, aspect ratio and roughness descriptors of the particles were measured by SEM micrographs and image analysis software. It was observed that particles... 

    Three-dimensional numerical simulation of a novel electroosmotic micromixer

    , Article Chemical Engineering and Processing: Process Intensification ; Volume 119 , 2017 , Pages 25-33 ; 02552701 (ISSN) Shamloo, A ; Madadelahi, M ; Abdorahimzadeh, S ; Sharif University of Technology
    Elsevier B.V  2017
    Lab-on-a-chip (LOC) systems have been widely used in chemical and medical analyses. In this study, a novel T-shaped electroosmotic micromixer was simulated and the effects of different parameters on the mixing process were examined. These parameters include; inlet angle, number of conducting hurdles, arrangements of the hurdles, geometry of hurdles and chambers, aspect ratios of the channel cross-sectional profile, hurdle radius, and depth. It was found that the inlet angle has a direct influence on mixing index (σ). The effect of various number of hurdles (one, two, three and four hurdles) and their orientations was investigated. Simulations revealed that using two conducting hurdles is the... 

    Evaluation of planing craft maneuverability using mathematical modeling under the action of the rudder

    , Article Scientia Iranica ; Volume 24, Issue 1 , 2017 , Pages 293-301 ; 10263098 (ISSN) Hajizadeh, S ; Seif, M. S ; Mehdigholi, H ; Sharif University of Technology
    Sharif University of Technology  2017
    In the recent years, different mathematical models have been suggested for maneuvering of displacement vessels, which are capable to estimate maneuvering of the vessel with acceptable precision. But, simulation of planing craft maneuverability through a mathematical model has not been developed yet. In this paper, a mathematical model is developed for maneuvering of the planing craft by including the rudder forces and moments. Different maneuvers, such as straight-line stability, course keeping, and turning circle, are executed through the mathematical model. Simulation results are validated with the published experimental results and it is shown that they are in good agreement. Finally, the... 

    Heat transfer enhancement in annular flow with outer grooved cylinder and rotating inner cylinder: review and experiments

    , Article Applied Thermal Engineering ; Volume 120 , 2017 , Pages 257-268 ; 13594311 (ISSN) Nouri Borujerdi, A ; Nakhchi, M. E ; Sharif University of Technology
    This experimental work is an attempt to identify the most significant parameters influencing heat transfer enhancement in annular flow with outer grooved cylinder and rotating inner cylinder. This type of flow known as Taylor-Couette flow has many industrial applications such as electrical power generators and rotating machineries. A comprehensive review of the previous works on flow regimes, heat transfer and pressure drop in grooved channels is provided. The experiments are conducted based on four different factors including Taylor number, 0

    Analytical determination of shear correction factor for Timoshenko beam model

    , Article Steel and Composite Structures ; Volume 29, Issue 4 , 2018 , Pages 483-491 ; 12299367 (ISSN) Moghtaderi, S. H ; Faghidian, S. A ; Shodja, H. M ; Sharif University of Technology
    Techno Press  2018
    Timoshenko beam model is widely exploited in the literature to examine the mechanical behavior of stubby beam-like components. Timoshenko beam theory is well-known to require the shear correction factor in order to recognize the non-uniform shear distribution at a section. While a variety of shear correction factors are appeared in the literature so far, there is still no consensus on the most appropriate form of the shear correction factor. The Saint-Venant's flexure problem is first revisited in the frame work of the classical theory of elasticity and a highly accurate approximate closed-form solution is presented employing the extended Kantorovich method. The resulted approximate solution... 

    3D buckling assessment of cylindrical steel silos of uniform thickness under seismic action

    , Article Thin-Walled Structures ; Volume 131 , 2018 , Pages 654-667 ; 02638231 (ISSN) Moazezi Mehretehran, A ; Maleki, S ; Sharif University of Technology
    Elsevier Ltd  2018
    This paper investigates the dynamic buckling behavior of steel silos subjected to horizontal base excitations. The elastic-plastic buckling resistance of three silos with different aspect ratios is estimated using Incremental Dynamic Analyses (IDA). Accordingly, the critical base shear, base moment and the peak ground acceleration (PGA) at the buckling instant are calculated. Moreover, the additional normal pressures induced from bulk solids on silo walls are evaluated and compared with those of Eurocode 8. The results obtained suggest that slender silos are more vulnerable to buckling failure, while squatter silos represent a considerably higher resistance under same seismic conditions. ©...