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    Delay compensation of demand response and adaptive disturbance rejection applied to power system frequency control

    , Article IEEE Transactions on Power Systems ; Volume 35, Issue 3 , 2020 , Pages 2037-2046 Hosseini, S. A ; Toulabi, M. R ; Salehi Dobakhshari, A ; Ashouri Zadeh, A ; Ranjbar, A. M ; Sharif University of Technology
    Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers Inc  2020
    In this paper, a modified frequency control model is proposed, where the demand response (DR) control loop is added to the traditional load frequency control (LFC) model to improve the frequency regulation of the power system. One of the main obstacles for using DR in the frequency regulation is communication delay which exists in transferring data from control center to appliances. To overcome this issue, an adaptive delay compensator (ADC) is used in order to compensate the communication delay in the control loop. In this regard, a weighted combination of several vertex compensators, whose weights are updated according to the measured delay, is employed. Generating the phase lead is the... 

    Design of an H∞, PID controller using particle swarm optimization

    , Article International Journal of Control, Automation and Systems ; Volume 7, Issue 2 , 2009 , Pages 273-280 ; 15986446 (ISSN) Zamani, M ; Sadati, N ; Ghartemani, M. K ; Sharif University of Technology
    This paper proposes a novel method to designing an H∞ PID controller with robust stability and disturbance attenuation. This method uses particle swarm optimization algorithm to minimize a cost function subject to-norm to design robust performance PID controller. We propose two cost functions to design of a multiple-input, multiple-output (MIMO) and single-input, single-output (SISO) robust performance PID controller. We apply this method to a SISO flexible-link manipulator and a MIMO super maneuverable F18/HARV fighter aircraft system as two challenging examples to illustrate the design procedure and to verify performance of the proposed PID controller design methodology. It is shown with...