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61 مقاله Numerical solution of homogeneous double pipe heat exchanger: Dynamic modeling AliHosseinpour, H. Velocity.
62 مقاله Numerical simulation of structural dynamics using a high-order compact finite-difference scheme Hejranfar, K. Elsevier Inc Numerical methods.
63 مقاله Numerical simulation of shock-disturbances interaction in high-speed compressible inviscid flow over a blunt nose using weighted essentially non-oscillatory scheme Hejranfar, K. Elsevier B.V, 2019 Two-dimensional modeling.
64 مقاله Numerical simulation of sand production experiment using a coupled Lattice Boltzmann-Discrete Element Method Ghassemi, A. Elsevier, 2015 Well completion.
65 مقاله Numerical simulation of liquid/gas phase flow during mold filling Tavakoli, R. 2006 Volume fraction.
66 مقاله Numerical modeling of incline plate LiBr absorber Karami, S. 2011 Numerical methods.
67 مقاله Numerical modeling and experimental validation of microstructure in gray cast iron Jabbari, M. Springer, 2012 Cast iron.
68 مقاله Non-isothermal simulation of the behavior of unsaturated soils using a novel EFG-based three dimensional model Iranmanesh, M. A. Elsevier Ltd, 2018 Waste disposal.
69 مقاله New stable group explicit finite difference method for solution of diffusion equation Tavakoli, R. 2006 Finite difference method.
70 مقاله New insight into H2S sensing mechanism of continuous SnO2-CuO bilayer thin film: A theoretical macroscopic approach Boroun, Z. American Chemical Society, 2016 Copper.
71 مقاله New and simple equations for ultimate bearing capacity of strip footings on two-layered clays: Numerical study Danaei Ahmadi, M. M. American Society of Civil Engineers (ASCE) Bearing capacity.
72 مقاله Neural implant stimulation based on TiO2 nanostructured arrays; A multiphysics modeling verification Sasanpour, P. Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers Inc, 2015 Finite element method.
73 مقاله Modeling and optimization of a multiple (cascading) phase change material solar storage system Nekoonam, S. Elsevier Ltd, 2021 Phase change materials.
74 مقاله Mixed electroosmotically and pressure-driven flow with temperature- dependent properties Sadeghi, A. 2011 Polyethylenes.
75 مقاله Mixed-convection flow of Al2O3-H2O nanofluid in a channel partially filled with porous metal foam: Experimental and numerical study Hajipour, M. Nanofluidics.
76 مقاله Joint user pairing, subchannel, and power allocation in full-duplex multi-user OFDMA networks Di, B. Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers Inc Frequency division multiple access.
77 مقاله Investigating the propagation noise in PWRs via closed-loop neutron-kinetic/thermal-hydraulic noise calculations Malmir, H. Elsevier Ltd, 2015 Pressurized water reactors.
78 مقاله Interpretation of CPT in unsaturated sands under drained conditions: A numerical study Keshmiri, E. John Wiley and Sons Ltd, 2021 Numerical model.
79 مقاله Interaction of micropolar fluid structure with the porous media in the flow due to a rotating cone Ahmad, S. Elsevier B.V, 2021 Magnetohydrodynamics.
80 مقاله Insights into the pore-scale mechanisms of formation damage induced by drilling fluid and its control by silica nanoparticles Mohammadi, M. American Chemical Society, 2020 Transport properties.