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81 مقاله Influence of river cross-section data resolution on flood inundation modeling: Case study of Kashkan river basin in western Iran Geravand, F. Elsevier B.V, 2020 Lorestan.
82 مقاله Influence of Darcy number on the onset of convection in a porous layer with a uniform heat source Nouri Borujerdi, A. 2008 Natural convection.
83 مقاله Improved advection algorithm of computational modeling of free surface flow using structured grids Babaei, R. 2006 Molding.
84 مقاله Implementation of high-order compact schemes to the iterative parabolized Navier-Stokes equations Esfahanian, V. Curran Associates Inc, 2006 Navier Stokes equations.
85 مقاله Implementation of high-order compact finite-difference method to parabolized Navier-Stokes schemes Esfahanian, V. 2008 Navier Stokes equations.
86 مقاله IGBT Open-circuit fault diagnosis in a quasi-z-source inverter Yaghoubi, M. Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers Inc, 2019 Fault detection.
87 مقاله IGBT open-circuit fault diagnosis in a Quasi-Z-source inverter Yaghoubi, M. Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers Inc, 2018 Fault detection.
88 مقاله FPGA-based fast detection with reduced sensor count for a fault-tolerant three-phase converter Mahmoud, M. 2013 Field programmable gate arrays (FPGA)
89 مقاله Exponential stabilization of flexural sway vibration of gantry crane via boundary control method Entessari, F. SAGE Publications Inc, 2020 Control nonlinearities.
90 مقاله Evaluation of behaviors of earth and rockfill dams during construction and initial impounding using instrumentation data and numerical modeling Rashidi, M. Rockfill dam.
91 مقاله Enhancement of full-duplex efficiency in an asymmetric IEEE 802.11-based WLAN Goshtasbpour, S. Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers Inc, 2016 Radio communication.
92 مقاله Enhanced finite difference scheme for the neutron diffusion equation using the importance function Vagheian, M. Elsevier Ltd, 2016 Finite difference method.
93 مقاله Electrokinetic and aspect ratio effects on secondary flow of viscoelastic fluids in rectangular microchannels Reshadi, M. Springer Verlag, 2016 Flow of fluids.
94 مقاله Effects of viscoelastic supports on the behavior of bridges under moving vehicles Samanipour, K. Sharif University of Technology, 2017 Viscoelasticity.
95 مقاله Effect of pressure on heat transfer coefficient at the metal/mold interface of A356 aluminum alloy Fardi Ilkhchy, A. Heat transfer coefficients.
96 مقاله Effect of boundary conditions on dynamic behaviour of bridges Samanipour, K. Thomas Telford Services Ltd Vibration.
97 مقاله Dynamics of multi layer microplates considering nonlinear squeeze film damping Ahmadian, M. T. American Society of Mechanical Engineers (ASME), 2006 Plates (structural components)
98 مقاله Dynamic modeling of the turning process of slip-cast fused silica ceramics using the discrete element method Roostai, H. SAGE Publications Ltd, 2020 Fused silica.
99 مقاله Dynamical control of multilayer spacetime structures using extended fourier modal method Khorrami, Y. Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers Inc, 2021 Multilayers.
100 مقاله Development of a saturation-based μ(I)-rheology for wet granular materials using discrete element method Ghorbani, R. Sharif University of Technology, 2021 Saturation.