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    A new stochastic oil spill risk assessment model for Persian Gulf: Development, application and evaluation

    , Article Marine Pollution Bulletin ; Volume 145 , 2019 , Pages 357-369 ; 0025326X (ISSN) Amir Heidari, P ; Raie, M ; Sharif University of Technology
    Elsevier Ltd  2019
    Persian Gulf is a semi-enclosed highly saline reverse estuary that is exposed to the risk of oil spills in offshore oil and gas activities. In the early 2000s, a specific version of NOAA's Trajectory Analysis Planner (TAP II) was developed for Persian Gulf to assist regional organizations in preparing oil spill contingency plans. In this research, a new stochastic model is developed to cover the limitations of TAP II. The new model is based on an advanced trajectory model, which is now linked with high resolution spatiotemporal data of the wind and sea current. In a case study, the developed model is compared with TAP II, and evaluated by multiple tests designed for analysis of uncertainty,... 

    Response planning for accidental oil spills in persian gulf: a decision support system (DSS) based on consequence modeling

    , Article Marine Pollution Bulletin ; Volume 140 , 2019 , Pages 116-128 ; 0025326X (ISSN) Amir Heidari, P ; Raie, M ; Sharif University of Technology
    Elsevier Ltd  2019
    Different causes lead to accidental oil spills from fixed and mobile sources in the marine environment. Therefore, it is essential to have a systematic plan for mitigating oil spill consequences. In this research, a general DSS is proposed for passive and active response planning in Persian Gulf, before and after a spill. The DSS is based on NOAA's advanced oil spill model (GNOME), which is now linked with credible met-ocean datasets of CMEMS and ECMWF. The developed open-source tool converts the results of the Lagrangian oil spill model to quantitative parameters such as mean concentration and time of impact of oil. Using them, two new parameters, emergency response priority number (ERPN)... 

    Iran atlas of offshore renewable energies

    , Article Renewable Energy ; Volume 36, Issue 1 , January , 2011 , Pages 388-398 ; 09601481 (ISSN) Abbaspour, M ; Rahimi, R ; Sharif University of Technology
    The aim of the present study is to provide an Atlas of IRAN Offshore Renewable Energy Resources (hereafter called 'the Atlas') to map out wave and tidal resources at a national scale, extending over the area of the Persian Gulf and Sea of Oman. Such an Atlas can provide necessary tools to identify the areas with greatest resource potential and within reach of present technology development. To estimate available tidal energy resources at the site, a two-dimensional tidally driven hydrodynamic numerical model of Persian Gulf was developed using the hydrodynamic model in the MIKE 21 Flow Model (MIKE 21HD), with validation using tidal elevation measurements and tidal stream diamonds from...