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    Investigation of Adsorption on Mixed Adsorbents

    , M.Sc. Thesis Sharif University of Technology Firouzbakht, Behnaz (Author) ; Safe Kordi, Ali Akbar (Supervisor)
    Adsorption of acetone vapors on mixture of silica gel and activated carbon was studied. Adsorption is defined as the attraction adsorbate (liquid or gas) particles onto the surface of a solid (porous solid). Most of the experimental works are adsorption of a one or more component on an adsorbent. Presence of two or more adsorbents together may effect on adsorption rate, uptake and thermodynamic conditions. When we have limitation in using a kind of adsorbent, these results can be helpful. There are several motivating reasons for the study of adsorption on adsorbent mixtures. During the adsorbent manufacturing process, multiple batches may differ slightly from each other(and from the customer... 

    Bioregeneration of Granular activated carbon (GAC) contaminated with phenolic compounds

    , M.Sc. Thesis Sharif University of Technology Ahangar, Ata Ollah (Author) ; Vossoughi, Manouchehr (Supervisor) ; Borghei, Mehdi (Supervisor)
    This project surveys bioregeneration of granular activated carbons contaminated with phenolic compounds. To carry out this survey, the procedure of phenol absorption on the surface of activated carbon was studied and their adsorption isotherms were calculated. In the first step, newly activated carbon was contaminated with phenol solution and optimum amount of carbon in phenol elimination was 0.5g. Then, the effect of time contact on phenol elimination was studied and eventually 1 hour of time contact was determined as the equilibrium time of phenol adsorption. In the second step, kinetics of adsorption of phenol and different stages of adsorption were studied. The results of this study... 

    Separation of Xylene Isomers

    , M.Sc. Thesis Sharif University of Technology Khademi, Mahmoud (Author) ; Molaei Dehkordi, Asghar (Supervisor)
    Xylene isomers have similar boiling points and, therefore, their separation by conventional distillation is not practical. The industrial separation of these isomers is generally performed by adsorption or crystallization processes, which are very energy consuming. In this work, the various methods of the separation of these isomers have been reviewed and the equilibrium adsorption of these components in liquid phase using two commercial types of zeolite including Z-700 and Na-BETA as adsorbent at 15, 25, and 35 oC and an initial concentration range of up to 50 wt% as well as in single and binary solutions was investigated. It was found that Z-700 adsorbent has no selectivity for the binary... 

    Experimental and Numerical Study of SO2 Adsorption/desorption by NH2-MIL-53 Metal-organic Framework (MOF)

    , M.Sc. Thesis Sharif University of Technology Noushadi, Atefeh (Author) ; Fotovat, Farzam (Supervisor) ; Vahidi, Mahdi (Co-Supervisor) ; Hamzelouyan, Tayebeh (Co-Supervisor)
    Sulfur dioxide is known as an acidic gas and one of the standard pollutants in determining air quality. This gas mostly enters into the atmosphere by flue gas causing many environmental problems. In order to remove this gas, various methods are used. One of the suitable methods to reduce the emission of this pollutant in low concentrations is the use of Metal-Organic Frameworks (MOF) as an adsorbent. One of these Metal-Organic Frameworks is NH2-MIL-53(Al) that owing to its relatively good stability under wet and acidic conditions, has been chosen to adsorb sulfur dioxide in this research. In most studies on SO2 adsorption, often MOFs with a long synthesis time, high synthesis cost, and/or...