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    Fabrication, Visualization and Calibration of a Novel TEM Microactuator

    , M.Sc. Thesis Sharif University of Technology Takht Abnousi, Marjan (Author) ; Alasti, Aria (Supervisor)
    Nowadays precise nano positioning plays an important role in micro systems. Precise positioning at nano scale plays a basic role in nano science such as micro -robotics, solid state physics and photonics. Manipulating matter in a molecular scale creates a dramatic change and restruturing in macro scale engineering. During this research a novel TEM micro actuator is designed and fabricated based on calibration criteria. This structure was fabricated with SOI wafer (silicon on insulator) in micro scale level for the first time in Iran. This compliant consists of 12 TEM actuators end in 3DOF (In-plane) motion. The new micro actuator operates based on the thermal expansion due to voltage. Each... 

    Fabrication of A Compliant Based 6-DOF Micro Actuator

    , M.Sc. Thesis Sharif University of Technology Akrami, Mohammad Reza (Author) ; Alasty, Areya (Supervisor)
    Currently, precision positioning plays a pivotal role in technology. The need for accurate positioning in applications such as robotics, optoelectronics and micro and nano technology increases day by day. To begin with, we wanted to make a miniature prototype of a micro actuator but in this regard, we are faced with several problems. Some major problems were the high cost of this prototype plus the fact that we did not have the necessary equipment with acceptable resolution for making such a system, so we decided to decrease the scale and build it in micro scale which is accessible for us. The main idea and design of this micro actuator is by Mrs. Akbari. During this project, the researcher...