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    Synthesis and Application of Superabsorbent Nanocomposites for Optimized Performance in Cement-based Materials

    , Ph.D. Dissertation Sharif University of Technology Fakourpour, Mahmoud (Author) ; Pourjavadi, Ali (Supervisor)
    Superabsorbent polymers are mainly used in baby diapers and in agriculture. A less known emerging and potentially important application is the internal curing of cement based materials. About a decade ago, pioneering works demonstrated that using SAP in concrete reduces autogenous shrinkage and cracking, and improves hydration of the cement matrix. However, problems like workability reduction, and deterioration of mechanical strength of the mixture are reported. In this thesis, nanocomposites using nanosilica and acrylic monomers were prepared and used to address the above problems. Nanocomposites exhibit enhanced mechanical strength and reduced sliding friction, compared with conventional... 

    Synthesis and Investigation of the Swelling Behavior of Superabsorbents Based on Gelatin and k-Carrageenan and Loading of KNO3 as aModel of Agrochemical Onto Them

    , M.Sc. Thesis Sharif University of Technology Ghashghaie, Ulduz (Author) ; Pourjavadi , Ali (Supervisor)
    This thesis focuses on the preparation and super-swelling behavior of a superabsorbent hydrogel based on natural macro-molecules and loading potassium nitrite as an agro-chemical onto it. 1-In this investigation a new type of superabsorbent hydrogel based on Gelatin and k-Carrageenan was prepared and the effect of the feed ratio of some components (acrylic acid, MBA, APS, and agar) on the swelling capacity of the hydrogel was systematically studied. The structure of the hydrogel optimized final product was found to be 1064 g/g in distilled water. The structure of the hydrogel was characterized by FT_IR method and morphology of the samples was examined by scamming electron microscopy (SEM).... 

    , M.Sc. Thesis Sharif University of Technology Kheirabadi, Malihe (Author) ; Pourjavadi, Ali (Supervisor) ; Zohurian Mehr, Mohammad Jalal (Supervisor)
    Polyampholyte hydrogels are hydrophilic networks that contain both positively- and negatively-charged functional groups on their structure. Polysulfobetaines are the most important type of polyampholytes, which have been extensively studied. However, these hydrogels exhibited poor gel strength causing limitation of their applications. Consequently, much attention has been focused on the preparation of nanocomposite hydrogels with high gel strength and lower cost using organomodified clays. In this project, Novel polyampholytic superabsorbing nanocomposites based on the zwitterionic sulfobetaine monomer [3-(methacrylamido)propyl)]dimethyl(3-sulfopropyl) ammonium hydroxide (MPDSAH) were... 

    Synthesis of Novel Biodegradable Collagen-Based Superabsorbent Hydrogels and Investigation of their Swelling Behavior in Various Media

    , Ph.D. Dissertation Sharif University of Technology Salimi,Hamid (Author) ; Pourjavadi, Ali (Supervisor)
    The use of super-swelling polymers is steadily increasing and the applications in industry are continuing to grow. With the authorization of the superabsorbents in food packaging by the Food and Drug Administration recently, demand may soon take off in the market. The worldwide production of SAPs is more than one million tons per year, representing a multibillion-dollar market. However, the increase in prices of petroleum products in recent years may be a drawback for these acrylic-based materials. Thus, there is now a need to develop natural-based super-swelling hydrogels which are more economical and environment friendly. In addition, the super-swelling gels are promising novel functions...