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1 مقاله An analytical solution for inverse determination of residual stress field Faghidian, S. A. 2012 Residual stress.
2 مقاله Metrical theory for small linear forms and applications to interference alignment Hussain, M. Springer, 2020 Signal processing.
3 مقاله Assisted passive snake-like robots: Conception and dynamic modeling using Gibbs-Appell method Vossoughi, G. 2008 Intelligent robots.
4 مقاله Unreliability of frequency-domain approximation in recognising chaos in fractional-order systems Tavazoei, M. S. 2007 Systems analysis.
5 مقاله Spin dynamics characterization in magnetic dots Mozaffari, M. R. 2007 Spin dynamics.
6 مقاله A new model in correlating the activity coefficients of aqueous electrolyte solutions with ion pair formation Mortazavi Manesh, S. 2007 Permittivity.
7 مقاله Numerical simulation of thermobuoyant flow with large temperature variation Darbandi, M. American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics Inc, 2006 Parameter estimation.
8 مقاله Nonlinear free vibration of conservative oscillators with inertia and static type cubic nonlinearities using homotopy analysis method Hoseini, S. H. 2008 Oscillators (electronic)
9 مقاله Dynamic behavior and modal control of beams under moving mass Nikkhoo, A. Academic Press, 2007 Beams and girders.
10 مقاله Analysis of time-based random waypoint mobility model for wireless mobile networks Nayebi, A. 2007 Wireless networks.
11 مقاله An enriched finite element algorithm for numerical computation of contact friction problems Khoei, A. R. 2007 Tribology.
12 مقاله Numerical study of natural convection in vertical enclosures using a novel non-Boussinesq algorithm Darbandi, M. 2007 Natural convection.
13 مقاله An effective image based surface roughness estimation approach using neural network Akbari, A. A. IEEE Computer Society, 2006 Surface roughness.
14 مقاله Photonic crystal devices analysis based on perturbation theory Chamanzar, M. 2006 Optical devices.
15 مقاله Mathematical modeling and statistical analysis of second harmonic generation effects with thin and thick crystal in ultrahigh speed optically amplified digital lightwave communication system [electronic resource] / M. D. Matinfar, and J. A. Salehi. Matinfar, M. D. Thermal nois.
16 مقاله On the characteristics and design of yielding elements used in steel-braced framed structures Tajammolian, H. 2013 Structural frames.
17 مقاله Model reference adaptive control in fractional order systems using discrete-time approximation methods Abedini, M. Elsevier, 2015 Model reference adaptive control.
18 مقاله Electrical equivalent circuit of multi-mode flexible beams with piezoelectric elements Saghafi, M. 2008 Flexible structures.
19 مقاله Generalized nonlinear 3D Euler-Bernoulli beam theory Zohoor, H. 2008 Structural component.
20 مقاله Scheduling to minimize gaps and power consumption Demaine, E.D. 2007 Multiprocessing systems.