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1 پایان نامه مدل‌سازی و کنترل هیبرید مبدل تشدیدی سری Hybrid Modeling and Control of Series Resonant Converters جعفری، محمد حسین Jafari, Mohammad Hossein صنعتی شریف 1394 مبدل های قدرت Power Converters / مبدل تشدید Resonant Converter / سیستم ترکیبی Hybrid System / قالب دینامیکی - منطق مخلوط Mixed Logic Dynamical (MLD)Form / مدل سازی Modeling 05-48270
2 مقاله A new t-type direct AC/AC converter Khodabandeh, M. Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers Inc, 2015 Power converters.
3 مقاله High-efficiency low-cost AC/AC buck converter with stability analysis Hajimoradi, M. Choppers (circuits)
4 مقاله Application of neural networks and state-space averaging to DC/DC PWM converters in sliding-mode operation Mahdavi, J. 2005 Sliding mode control.
5 مقاله Temperature integrated load sharing of paralleled modules Barnette, J. L. 2006 Electric loads.
6 مقاله An isolated bidirectional integrated plug-in hybrid electric vehicle battery charger with resonant converters Ebrahimi, S. Taylor and Francis Inc, 2016 Charging (batteries)
7 مقاله Output voltage quality intensification of diode clamped multilevel inverters using FM PWM technique Najmi, V. 2012 Power converters.
8 مقاله Fast fault detection method for modular multilevel converter semiconductor power switches Haghnazari, S. Institution of Engineering and Technology, 2016 Fault detection.
9 مقاله Synchronverter-enabled DC power sharing approach for LVDC microgrids Peyghami, S. Power converters.
10 مقاله RCD snubber design based on reliability consideration: A case study for thermal balancing in power electronic converters Parvari, R. Elsevier Ltd, 2018 Power converters.
11 مقاله Composite system reliability assessment incorporating an interline power-flow controller Moghadasi, S. M. 2008 Electric power systems.
12 مقاله Application of random PWM technique for reducing the conducted electromagnetic emissions in active filters Kaboli, S. 2007 Active filters.
13 مقاله Power flow control of a matrix converter based micro-turbine distributed generation system Nikkhajoei, H. IEEE Computer Society, 2006 Power control.
14 مقاله On the suitability of modeling approaches for power electronic converters Poshtan, M. 2006 Industrial electronics.
15 مقاله A hybrid control approach for LLC resonant converter Barzkar, A. Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers Inc, 2021 Power converters.
16 مقاله Extended dynamic matrix control design for a DC-DC power converter Amirifar, R. 2005 Power converters.
17 مقاله Application of packet control method for a high power high voltage flyback converter to reduce noise influence Kaboli, S. IEEE Computer Society, 2005 Power converters.
18 مقاله Application of neural networks and state space averaging to a DC/DC PWM converter in sliding mode operation Mahdavi, J. IEEE Computer Society, 2000 Pulse width modulation converters.
19 مقاله Integrated bidirectional isolated soft-switched battery charger for vehicle-to-grid technology using 4-Switch 3Φ-rectifier Ebrahimi, S. 2013 Electric rectifiers.
20 مقاله Open-and short-circuit switch fault diagnosis for nonisolated DC-DC converters using field programmable gate array Shahbazi, M. 2013 Switched mode power supplies.