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1 مقاله Design, modeling and optimization of a novel two DOF polymeric electro-thermal micro-actuator Sheikhbahaie, R. Microactuators.
2 مقاله Numerical study of the effects of process parameters on tool life in a cold radial forging process Afrasiab, H. Working conditions.
3 مقاله Free vibration of moderately thick conical shells using a higher order shear deformable theory Firouz-Abadi, R. D. Boundary conditions.
4 مقاله Numerical investigation into the effects of geometrical and loading parameters on lateral spreading behavior of liquefied layer Pak, A. 2013 Variable permeability.
5 مقاله Investigation of free surface flow generated by a planing flat plate using smoothed particle hydrodynamics method and FLOW3D simulations Ghadimi, P. 2013 Hydrodynamics.
6 مقاله Dynamic responses of intervertebral disc during static creep and dynamic cyclic loading: A parametric Poroelastic finite element analysis Nikkhoo, M. 2013 Young modulus.
7 مقاله Electroosmotic flow of viscoelastic fluids through a slit microchannel with a step change in wall temperature Sadeghi, A. 2013 Microchannels.
8 مقاله Application of elastically supported single-walled carbon nanotubes for sensing arbitrarily attached nano-objects Kiani, K. Nanosensors.
9 مقاله Electrokinetically driven fluidic transport of power-law fluids in rectangular microchannels Vakili, M. A. 2012 Zeta potential.
10 مقاله Thermally developing electroosmotic flow of power-law fluids in a parallel plate microchannel Sadeghi, A. 2012 Electroosmosis.
11 مقاله Equivalent linearization of non-linear soil-structure systems Esmaeilzadeh Seylabi, E. Wiley, 2012 Reliability analysis.
12 مقاله Assessment of a practical technique for active control of sound using microphone and speaker Joghataie, A. Elsevier, 2012 Sensor.
13 مقاله Thermodynamic model for prediction of performance and emission characteristics of SI engine fuelled by gasoline and natural gas with experimental verification Mehrnoosh, D. 2012 Flame research.
14 مقاله Evaluation of flapping wing propulsion based on a new experimentally validated aeroelastic model Pourtakdoust, S. H. 2012 Theoretical study.
15 مقاله A parametric study using two design methodologies for pressure jet and swirl injectors Mazaheri, K. 2012 Jets.
16 مقاله Analysis of nanofluid heat transfer in parallel-plate vertical channels partially filled with porous medium Hajipour, M. Nanofluidics.
17 مقاله Dynamics of a delaminated timoshenko beam subjected to a moving oscillatory mass Kargarnovin, M. H. 2012 Dynamic response.
18 مقاله Heat transfer characteristics of mixed electroosmotic and pressure driven flow of power-law fluids in a slit microchannel Babaie, A. 2012 Transport properties.
19 مقاله Three-dimensional elasticity analysis of functionally graded rotating cylinders with variable thickness profile Ghafoori, E. Functionally graded materials.
20 مقاله Dynamic behavior of pile foundations under cyclic loading in liquefiable soils Rahmani, A. Three-dimensional modeling.