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21 مقاله Comparative analysis of different static mixers performance by CFD technique: An innovative mixer Haddadi, M. M. Chemical Industry Press, 2020 Mixers (machinery)
22 مقاله A new scheme for improving the mixing efficiency in micro scale Anbari, A. M. 2011 Mixing.
23 مقاله A depthwise averaging solution for cross-stream diffusion in a Y-micromixer by considering thick electrical double layers and nonlinear rheology Ahmadian Yazdi, A. Springer Verlag, 2015 Aspect ratio.
24 مقاله Electrokinetic mixing at high zeta potentials: Ionic size effects on cross stream diffusion Ahmadian Yazdi, A. Academic Press Inc, 2015 Stereospecificity.
25 مقاله Numerical simulation for efficient mixing of newtonian and non-Newtonian fluids in an electro-osmotic micro-mixer Shamloo, A. Elsevier, 2016 Non newtonian flow.
26 مقاله Effect of out-of-band blockers on the required linearity, phase noise, and harmonic rejection of sdr receivers without input saw filter Rasekh, A. Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers Inc, 2018 Low noise amplifiers.
27 مقاله A superconductor THz modulator based on vortex flux flow Sarreshtedari, F. 2009 Modulation.
28 مقاله Beamforming, null-steering, and simultaneous spatial and frequency domain filtering in integrated phased array systems Karami, P. Elsevier GmbH, 2019 Antenna phased arrays.
29 مقاله Numerical simulation of mixing and heat transfer in an integrated centrifugal microfluidic system for nested-PCR amplification and gene detection Naghdloo, A. Elsevier B.V, 2019 Polymerase chain reaction.
30 مقاله Low power receiver with merged N-path LNA and mixer for MICS applications Beigi, A. Elsevier GmbH, 2020 Low noise amplifiers.
31 مقاله CFD modeling of immiscible liquids turbulent dispersion in Kenics static mixers: Focusing on droplet behavior Haddadi, M. M. Chemical Industry Press, 2020 Residence time distribution.
32 مقاله Design and simulation of an integrated centrifugal microfluidic device for CTCs separation and cell lysis Nasiri, R. MDPI AG, 2020 Point of care diagnostic.
33 مقاله Investigation of a Novel Microfluidic Device for Label-Free Ferrohydrodynamic Cell Separation on a Rotating Disk Shamloo, A. IEEE Computer Society, 2020 Magnetic separation.
34 مقاله A compact mixer and DAC for implementation of a direct conversion OQPSK transmitter Chahardori, M. 2007 Direct energy conversion.
35 مقاله A low-loss broadband quadrature signal generation network for high image rejection at millimeter-wave frequencies Frounchi, M. Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers Inc, 2018 Millimeter waves.