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    Effect of Operating Condition on the Quality of Products from the Thermal Cracking of Vacuum Residue

    , M.Sc. Thesis Sharif University of Technology Safiri, Amir (Author) ; Khorashe, Farhad (Supervisor) ; Ivak Pour, Javad (Supervisor)
    Crude oil is naturally not applicable to the refining processes to obtain important products. Most of the crude oil refining process produce heavy hydrocarbons that are not used much in the same way. More refineries are looking for a process to remove the heavy components and converts these materials into valuable material. There are different process for upgrading heavy residual oil. One of the main processes in residual upgrading is Delayed Coking. The high flexibility to the different feeds and no need for a catalyst, causing a shift in the approach to the refinery for processing heavy crude oil by Delayed Coking. The aim of this project is calculated the sulfur content and and yield of... 

    Investigating the Effect of Various Additives on the Curing Time of Chip Seal and Chip Seal Treatments in Different Climate Conditions.

    , M.Sc. Thesis Sharif University of Technology Sadeghi, Amir (Author) ; Motamed, Arash (Supervisor)
    Recently, a new method to investigate chip seal performance has developed by a research team at Sharif University of Technology. This study investigates the effect of various additives such as CRM, SBR Latex, Hydrated Lime and Ordinary Portland Cement (OPC), on the curing time of chip seal by this method. In addition, the chip seal treatments were investigated in different climate conditions like Wet and Wet-Freeze zones. The overall performance of mixture specimens evaluated using creep loading test. In fact, the bonding properties between aggregates and surface of Hot Mix Asphalt measured. The test results were analyzed by using of the work and time parameters. These parameters were... 

    Investigation of the Effect of Aluminum Additives on the Properties and Yield of Coke in Thermal Cracking of Residue

    , M.Sc. Thesis Sharif University of Technology Loghmani, Farimah Sadat (Author) ; Khorasheh, Farhad (Supervisor) ; Ivakpour, Javad (Supervisor)
    Demand for the petroleum products is continuously increasing. Crude oil cannot be used as it is extracted, so that, there should be some treatment that may ended up producing heavy hydrocarbons. Therefore, refineries are searching for developing new technologies for upgrading those heavy materials and convert more and more bottom-of-the-barrel into high value distillate. Amongst the different residua upgrading processes, thermal upgrading processes are of the most interest and account for over 60% of total residua processing capacity. In this work, we investigate the effect of different additives in a delayed coking process. We used vacuum distillation residue of Abadan heavy crude oil... 

    Improve the Rheological Behavior of Different Waxy Crude Oil by Using Variouse Additives

    , M.Sc. Thesis Sharif University of Technology Rezaei, Shirzad (Author) ; Ghotbi, Cyrus (Supervisor) ; Jafari Behbahani, Taraneh (Supervisor) ; Ramezani Saadatabadi, Ahmad (Co-Supervisor)
    Wax precipitation is one of the major problems in the transfer of crude oil from field production to refineries. This wax with asphaltene compounds and some water and solids, closes the oil pipeline. One of the ways to reduce the amount of wax in pipes is to use additives (flow improvers) to crude oil and improve its rheological behavior. In this research, Five Iranian crude oils were characterized with SARA test and then the effects of various additives including ethylene vinyl acetate (EVA) in concentrations of 500 and 1500 ppm, alkyl phenol ormaldehyde resins (NPFR) with 1500 ppm and styrene-(ethylene-cobutylene)- styrene (SEBS) with 1500 ppm on viscosity, wax appearance temperature... 

    Investigation of the Effect of Various Electrolyte Additives to Increase the Overpotential of the Hydrogen and Oxygen Evolution Reactions in Lead-Acid Batteries

    , M.Sc. Thesis Sharif University of Technology Mohammadvand, Ali (Author) ; Taherinia, Davood (Supervisor)
    Lead-acid batteries have been used for over 150 years as a reliable means of storing electrical energy. These batteries have a variety of applications due to their high safety, reliable performance, and relatively easy manufacturing process, including in car starters, car lighting and combustion, electric vehicles (especially electric bicycles), and the resulting electrical energy storage. From renewable sources or pulsed power supplies in hybrid electric vehicles. Despite increasing advances in the performance and design of these batteries, there are still problems in this area. One of the most important of these is the electrolysis of water as a side reaction, which leads to the production... 

    Investigating the Effect of Drilling Fluid Properties and its Compositions on the Mud Loss Mechanism

    , M.Sc. Thesis Sharif University of Technology Kazemzadeh, Amir (Author) ; Shad, Saeed (Supervisor) ; Zahedi Far, Amir (Co-Supervisor)
    Currently, one of the most important problems in the field of drilling is the issue of drilling fluid loss in different formations. The problem of mud loss has been evident since the beginning of oil and gas well drilling operations, so that oil companies spend millions of dollars annually to solve the problem of mud loss. Problems such as pipe jamming, loss of rig production time, well blowout, loss of a large volume of drilling mud and damage to reservoir formations due to loss of drilling fluid are caused. Regarding the drilling variables, many factors cause the decrease or increase of the loss, the most important of which are the weight on the drill bit, drilling speed, the rate of...