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1 مقاله Synthesis of α-aminophosphonates in the presence of a magnetic recyclable Fe3O4@SiO2-2mimSO3H nanocatalyst Shakourian-Fard, M. Nano-catalyst.
2 مقاله Development of an empirical model for catalyst lifetime in isobutane/ butene alkylation Kazemeini, M. American Chemical Society, 2003 Model.
3 مقاله Treatment of diatomaceous earth to obtain its catalyst support Mahani, H. Sharif University of Technology, 2003 Silicate.
4 مقاله CoSALEN as a new catalyst for oxidation of fullerene C60 Ghanbari, B. 2009 Oxidation.
5 مقاله Ultra-small and highly dispersive iron oxide hydroxide as an efficient catalyst for oxidation reactions: a swiss-army-knife catalyst Amini, M. Nature Research, 2021 Catalyst.
6 مقاله Manganese and cobalt-terephthalate metal-organic frameworks as a precursor for synthesis of Mn2O3, Mn3O4 and Co3O4 nanoparticles: Active catalysts for olefin heterogeneous oxidation Ashouri, F. Elsevier, 2015 Recyclable catalyst.
7 مقاله Magnetic nanoparticles entrapped in the cross-linked poly(imidazole/imidazolium) immobilized Cu(ii): An effective heterogeneous copper catalyst Pourjavadi, A. Magnetic nano-particles.
8 مقاله Synthesis of quinazolin-4(3H)-one derivatives using heteropolyacids as heterogeneous and recyclable catalysts Allameh, S. Recyclable catalysts.
9 مقاله Hydro-purification of crude terephthalic acid using palladium catalyst supported on multi-wall carbon nanotubes Tourani, S. Catalyst supports.
10 مقاله Hydro-purification of crude terephthalic acid using palladium catalyst supported on multi-wall carbon nanotubes Tourani, S. Korean Society of Industrial Engineering Chemistry, 2015 Catalyst supports.
11 مقاله Immobilized tungstate on magnetic poly(2-ammonium ethyl acrylamide): A high loaded heterogeneous catalyst for selective oxidation of sulfides using H2O2 Zohreh, N. Korean Society of Industrial Engineering Chemistry, 2016 Catalysts.
12 پایان نامه کاربرد نانوکاتالیزورهای مغناطیسی دوفلزی و سه فلزی بر پایه آهن در سنتز ترکیبات هتروسیکل چندحلقه ای Application of Magnetic Bi-and Trimetallic Nanocatalysts Based on Fe in the Synthesis of Polycyclic Heterocycles موسی زاده فاضلی، پگاه Mousazadeh Fazeli, Pegah صنعتی شریف 1394 نانوکاتالیزور Nano Catalyst / کاتالیزور دوفلزی Bimetallic Catalyst / ترکیب های ناجور حلقه Heterocylic Compounds / کاتالیزور سه فلزی Three Metallic Catalyst 03-47590
13 مقاله Thermokinetic study of Fischer-Tropsch synthesis on Fe2Cu 1 and FeCu surfaces with comparison to Fe(110) and Cu(111) catalysts by the UBI-QEP method Javadi, N. UBI-QEP.
14 مقاله Cross-linked poly (dimethylaminoethyl acrylamide) coated magnetic nanoparticles: a high loaded, retrievable, and stable basic catalyst for the synthesis of benzopyranes in water Zohreh, N. Magnetic nano-particles.
15 مقاله Simple methodology for the aerobic N-methylation of substituted anilines catalyzed by zirconium oxychloride octahydrate, ZrOCl2·8H 2O Tayebee, R. 2013 Alkylation.
16 مقاله Oxido-peroxido molybdenum(VI) complexes in catalytic and stoichiometric oxidations Amini, M. 2013 Oxido-peroxido.
17 مقاله Modeling of platinum extraction from used reforming catalyst in iodine solutions Moghaddam, H. R. Platinum.
18 مقاله DFT investigations for "Fischer" esterification mechanism over silica-propyl-SO3H catalyst: Is the reaction reversible? Vafaeezadeh, M. Elsevier, 2015 Modeling.
19 مقاله Preparation and study of bi-supported Ziegler-Natta catalyst with nano graphene oxide and magnesium ethoxide supports for polymerization of polyethylene Kheradmand, A. Maik Nauka-Interperiodica Publishing, 2016 Catalyst supports.
20 مقاله A simple, economical, and catalyst-free oxidation of thiols to disulfides Ghafuri, H. Thiols.