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1 مقاله A methodology for analyzing the transient availability and survivability of a system with repairable components Amiri, M. 2007 Computational methods.
2 مقاله Intrinsic expressions for arbitrary stress tensors conjugate to general strain tensors Sohrabpour, S. Sharif University of Technology, 2007 Stress analysis.
3 مقاله Unified basis-free relation between two stress tensors conjugate to arbitrary Hill's strain measures Asghari, M. American Society of Mechanical Engineers(ASME), 2006 Tensors.
4 مقاله The multiplicity of Laplacian eigenvalue two in unicyclic graphs Akbari, S. Eigenvalues and eigenfunctions.
5 مقاله A relation between the Laplacian and signless Laplacian eigenvalues of a graph Akbari, S. 2010 Laplace transforms.
6 مقاله The algebraic connectivity of a graph and its complement Afshari, B. Elsevier Inc, 2018 Laplace transforms.
7 مقاله On the largest eigenvalue of signed unicyclic graphs Akbari, S. Elsevier Inc, 2019 Eigenvalues and eigenfunctions.
8 مقاله Some results on the Laplacian spread conjecture Afshari, B. Elsevier Inc, 2019 Laplace transforms.
9 مقاله Color PCA eigenimages and their application to compression and watermarking Abadpour, A. Elsevier Ltd, 2008 Digital watermarking.
10 مقاله Free vibration analysis of cross-ply layered composite beams with finite length on elastic foundation Jafari Talookolaei, R. A. 2008 Composite beams and girders.
11 مقاله A methodology for analyzing the transient reliability of systems with identical components and identical repairmen Amiri, M. Sharif University of Technology, 2007 Vector.
12 مقاله An efficient reduced-order modelling approach based on fluid eigenmodes and boundary element method Shahverdi, H. 2007 Mathematical models.
13 مقاله Graph homomorphisms and nodal domains Daneshgar, A. 2006 Graph theory.
14 مقاله Photonic crystal devices analysis based on perturbation theory Chamanzar, M. 2006 Optical devices.
15 مقاله Connectedness of users-items networks and recommender systems Gharibshah, J. Algebra.
16 مقاله The electro-elastic scattered fields of an SH-wave by an eccentric two-phase circular piezoelectric sensor in an unbounded piezoelectric medium Shodja, H. M. Shear waves.
17 مقاله MIMO radar beamforming using orthogonal decomposition of correlation matrix Shadi, K. 2013 Optimization.
18 مقاله Limiting spectral distribution of the sample covariance matrix of the windowed array data Yazdian, E. 2013 Eigenvalues and eigenfunctions.
19 مقاله Spectral distribution of the exponentially windowed sample covariance matrix Yazdian, E. IEEE, 2012 Signal processing.
20 مقاله A lower bound for algebraic connectivity based on the connection-graph- stability method Ajdari Rad, A. 2011 Algebra.