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1 مقاله An efficient data collection approach for wireless sensor networks Alipour, H. Sensor nodes.
2 مقاله Hydrogen sensing properties of pure and Pd activated WO3 nanostructured films Ghadiri, E. 2007 Gas sensor‐nanostructures‐WO3.
3 مقاله Comparison of prism-based optical probes for liquid monitoring Golnabi, H. 2010 Sensor.
4 مقاله Effects of ion-carrier substituents on the potentiometric-response characteristics in anion-selective membrane electrodes based on iron porphyrins Shahrokhian, S. Wiley-VCH Verlag, 2004 Spectrophotometry.
5 مقاله Laser based sensor systems for automation and intelligent manufacturing Golnabi, H. 2002 Sensor.
6 مقاله Design and performance of an optical fiber sensor based on light leakage Golnabi, H. 2006 Optical fibers.
7 مقاله Sound source localization in wide-range outdoor environment using distributed sensor network Faraji, M. M. Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers Inc, 2020 Acoustic generators.
8 مقاله A quantitative real-time model for multihop wireless sensor networks Mizanian, K. 2007 Sensor networks.
9 مقاله Reuse-attack mitigation in wireless sensor networks Shafiei, H. 2011 Wireless sensor networks.
10 مقاله Bio-inspired nanostructured sensor for the detection of ultralow concentrations of explosives [electronic resource] / Mahdi Dourandish, A. Simchi, Elnaz Tamjid Shabestary and Thomas Hartwig. Dourandish, M. (Mahdi). Sensors.
11 مقاله Fabrication of gas ionization sensor based on titanium oxide nanotube arrays Nikfarjam, A. (Alireza). Titanium oxide nanotube.
12 مقاله H2S sensing properties of added copper oxide in WO3 Nowrouzi, R. (Rasoul). WO3.
13 مقاله Comparison of two triple-fiber sensor designs for small distance measurements Golnabi, H. Design.
14 مقاله Optimizing the materials response in humidity capacitive sensors Noroozi Afshar, E. Sumy State University, 2015 Output.
15 مقاله Nanoparticle-based optical sensor arrays Hormozi-Nezhad, M. R. Royal Society of Chemistry, 2017 Real time systems.
16 مقاله Compensating for the latency of data acquisition for localization in mobile wireless sensor networks Rahimian, M. A. Wireless sensor networks.
17 مقاله Range-free passive acoustic localization Abrahami Saba, A. 2008 Acoustics.
18 مقاله Secure consensus averaging in sensor networks using random offsets Kefayati, M. 2007 Sensor networks.
19 مقاله Coin: A COverage INcreasing algorithm in mixed sensor networks Taheri, S. 2007 Sensor networks.
20 مقاله Energy conserving movement-assisted deployment of Ad hoc sensor networks Mousavi, H. 2006 Sensor data fusion.