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    A new geochemical reactive transport model for sandstone acidizing

    , Article Computers and Geosciences ; Volume 166 , 2022 ; 00983004 (ISSN) Khojastehmehr, M ; Bazargan, M ; Sharif University of Technology
    Elsevier Ltd  2022
    Understanding the chemistry of sandstone acidizing is important in designing an effective treatment for subsurface rock formations. The complex chemistry of sandstone systems leads to the precipitation of minerals that contribute to formation damage. Thus, monitoring the concentration and location of precipitates is necessary. In this work, a continuum-scale sequential implicit LEA/PLEA reactive transport model is developed and programmed through coupling OpenFOAM and Reaktoro to improve the model prediction. The proposed LEA/PLEA models are compared for core acidizing simulations at relatively high and low Damköhler numbers. We found that the common assumption of kinetically-controlled flow... 

    Fast multidimensional dictionary learning algorithms and their application in 3D inverse synthetic aperture radar image restoration and noise reduction

    , Article IET Radar, Sonar and Navigation ; Volume 16, Issue 9 , 2022 , Pages 1484-1502 ; 17518784 (ISSN) Mehrpooya, A ; Nazari, M ; Abbasi, Z ; Karbasi, S. M ; Nayebi, M. M ; Bastani, M. H ; Sharif University of Technology
    John Wiley and Sons Inc  2022
    By generalising dictionary learning (DL) algorithms to multidimensional (MD) mode and using them in applications where signals are inherently multidimensional, such as in three-dimensional (3D) inverse synthetic aperture radar (ISAR) imaging, it is possible to achieve much higher speed and less computational complexity. In this study, the formulation of the multidimensional dictionary learning (MDDL) problem is expressed and two algorithms are proposed to solve it. The first one is based on the method of optimum directions (MOD) algorithm for 1D dictionary learning (1DDL), which uses alternating minimisation and gradient projection approach. As the MDDL problem is non-convex, the second... 

    High-Speed post-quantum cryptoprocessor based on RISC-V architecture for IoT

    , Article IEEE Internet of Things Journal ; Volume 9, Issue 17 , 2022 , Pages 15839-15846 ; 23274662 (ISSN) Hadayeghparast, S ; Bayat Sarmadi, S ; Ebrahimi, S ; Sharif University of Technology
    Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers Inc  2022
    Public-key plays a significant role in today's communication over the network. However, current state-of-the-art public-key encryption (PKE) schemes are too complex to be efficiently employed in resource-constrained devices. Moreover, they are vulnerable to quantum attacks and soon will not have the required security. In the last decade, lattice-based cryptography has been a progenitor platform of the post-quantum cryptography (PQC) due to its lower complexity, which makes it more suitable for Internet of Things applications. In this article, we propose an efficient implementation of the binary learning with errors over ring (Ring-BinLWE) on the reduced instruction set computer-five (RISC-V)... 

    Very well-covered graphs and local cohomology of their residue rings by the edge ideals

    , Article Journal of Algebra ; Volume 606 , 2022 , Pages 1-18 ; 00218693 (ISSN) Kimura, K ; Pournaki, M. R ; Terai, N ; Yassemi, S ; Sharif University of Technology
    Academic Press Inc  2022
    In this paper, we deal with very well-covered graphs. We first describe the structure of these kinds of graphs based on the structure of Cohen–Macaulay very well-covered graphs. As an application, we analyze the structure of local cohomology of the residue rings by the edge ideals of very well-covered graphs. Also, we give different formulas of regularity and depth of these rings from known ones and we finally treat the CMt property. © 2022 Elsevier Inc  

    Structural and theoretical exploring of noncovalent interactions in Chlorido- and Nitrito-rhenium(I) tricarbonyl complexes bearing 2,3-Butadiene-bis(2-nitrobenzylidene)hydrazine Ligand: Intramolecular Re–κ1-endo-ONO(lone pair)…π*(C[tbnd]O) interaction

    , Article Inorganica Chimica Acta ; Volume 540 , 2022 ; 00201693 (ISSN) Kia, R ; Heshmatnia, F ; Sharif University of Technology
    Elsevier B.V  2022
    Herein, we report the synthesis, characterization and combined structural and full computational analysis of noncovalent interactions in a new hydrazine ligand and its two chlorido- and endo-nitrito-rhenium(I) tricarbonyl complexes. The analysis of crystal structures has been accompanied by comprehensive computational studies of the noncovalent interactions utilizing the quantum theory of atoms in molecules (QTAIM), natural bond orbitals (NBO), independent gradient model (IGM), and electron localization function (ELF) to shed light on the nature of the interactions. On the other hand, comprehensive energy decomposition analysis (EDA) by extended transition state coupled with natural orbitals... 

    Chromogenic detection of xylene isomers and luminogenic chemosensing of o-xylene employing a new macrocyclic cobalt complex: synthesis, and X-ray crystallographic, spectroscopic and computational studies

    , Article New Journal of Chemistry ; Volume 46, Issue 43 , 2022 , Pages 20745-20754 ; 11440546 (ISSN) Ghanbari, B ; Asadi Mofarrah, L ; Jamjah, A ; Sharif University of Technology
    Royal Society of Chemistry  2022
    Here, we report the synthesis and characterization of a binuclear Co(ii) complex (Co2(2py)2Cl4) with two dinaphtho-diazacrown ether macrocyclic ligands, bearing two pyridine arms as a colourimetric and fluorescent sensor for detecting different xylene isomers as well as acting as a catalyst for the oxidation of o- and m-xylene under vacuum at room temperature. Chromogenic detection occurred when Co2(2py)2Cl4 was exposed to the xylene isomers, wherein the original blue colour of the complex changed to green and green-blue in the presence of o- and m-xylene, respectively. Meanwhile, no colour change was observed in the presence of the p-xylene isomer. Fluorescence spectroscopy revealed that... 

    Experimental study and surface complexation modeling of non-monotonic wettability behavior due to change in brine salinity/composition: Insight into anhydrite impurity in carbonates

    , Article Journal of Molecular Liquids ; Volume 365 , 2022 ; 01677322 (ISSN) Madadi Mogharrab, J ; Ayatollahi, S ; Pishvaie, M. R ; Sharif University of Technology
    Elsevier B.V  2022
    Wettability alteration as the main mechanism of improved oil recovery in carbonates during low salinity/engineered water flooding (LS/EWF) is a complex phenomenon due to high heterogeneity of rock. During LS/EWF, wettability changes when electrochemical interactions at carbonate-brine interface happen. Anhydrite impurity in carbonates is one of the most important parameters affecting the electrochemical interactions at the rock-brine interface and the wettability alteration process. Therefore, the success of LS/EWF in carbonate reservoirs lies in perceiving the role of impurities such as anhydrite, from a geochemical and dissolution point of view. Modified flotation tests (MFT) were... 

    A hybrid deep and machine learning model for short-term traffic volume forecasting of adjacent intersections

    , Article IET Intelligent Transport Systems ; Volume 16, Issue 11 , 2022 , Pages 1648-1663 ; 1751956X (ISSN) Mirzahossein, H ; Gholampour, I ; Sajadi, S. R ; Zamani, A. H ; Sharif University of Technology
    John Wiley and Sons Inc  2022
    Despite complex fluctuations, missing data, and maintenance costs of detectors, traffic volume forecasting at intersections is still a challenge. Moreover, most existing forecasting methods consider an isolated intersection instead of multiple adjacent ones. By accurately forecasting the volume of short-term traffic, a low-cost method can be provided to solve the problems of congestion, delay, and breakdown of detectors in the road transport system. This paper outlines a novel hybrid method based on deep learning to estimate short-term traffic volume at three adjacent intersections. The gated recurrent unit (GRU) and long short-term memory (LSTM) bilayer network with wavelet transform (WL)... 

    DONE: Distributed approximate newton-type method for federated edge learning

    , Article IEEE Transactions on Parallel and Distributed Systems ; Volume 33, Issue 11 , 2022 , Pages 2648-2660 ; 10459219 (ISSN) Dinh, C. T ; Tran, N. H ; Nguyen, T. D ; Bao, W ; Balef, A. R ; Zhou, B. B ; Zomaya, A. Y ; Sharif University of Technology
    IEEE Computer Society  2022
    There is growing interest in applying distributed machine learning to edge computing, forming federated edge learning. Federated edge learning faces non-i.i.d. and heterogeneous data, and the communication between edge workers, possibly through distant locations and with unstable wireless networks, is more costly than their local computational overhead. In this work, we propose ${{sf DONE}}$DONE, a distributed approximate Newton-type algorithm with fast convergence rate for communication-efficient federated edge learning. First, with strongly convex and smooth loss functions, ${{sf DONE}}$DONE approximates the Newton direction in a distributed manner using the classical Richardson iteration... 

    Clinical validation of a smartphone-based handheld ECG device: A validation study

    , Article Critical Pathways in Cardiology ; Volume 21, Issue 4 , 2022 , Pages 165-171 ; 1535282X (ISSN) Ahmadi-Renani, S ; Gharebaghi, M ; Kamalian, E ; Hajghassem, H ; Ghanbari, A ; Karimi, A ; Mansoury, B ; Dayari, M. S ; Khatmi Nemati, M ; Karimi, A ; Zarghami, M. H ; Vasheghani Farahani, A ; Sharif University of Technology
    Lippincott Williams and Wilkins  2022
    Background: Remote cardiac monitoring and screening have already become an integral telemedicine component. The wide usage of several different wireless electrocardiography (ECG) devices warrants a validation study on their accuracy and reliability. Methods: Totally, 300 inpatients with the Nabz Hooshmand-1 handheld ECG device and the GE MAC 1200 ECG system (as the reference) were studied to check the accuracy of the devices in 1 and 6-limb lead performance. Simultaneous 10-second resting ECGs were assessed for the most common ECG parameters in lead I. Afterward, 6-lead ECGs (limb leads), were performed immediately and studied for their morphologies. Results: Of the 300 patients, 297 had... 

    Magnetic carbon–based nanocomposite decorated with palladium complex for co-delivery of DOX/pCRISPR

    , Article Journal of Drug Delivery Science and Technology ; Volume 78 , 2022 ; 17732247 (ISSN) Bagherzadeh, M ; Safarkhani, M ; Daneshgar, H ; Radmanesh, F ; Taghavimandi, F ; Ghadiri, A. M ; Kiani, M ; Fatahi, Y ; Safari Alighiarloo, N ; Ahmadi, S ; Rabiee, N ; Sharif University of Technology
    Editions de Sante  2022
    Hybrid inorganic/organic compounds opened up the window of opportunities to a wide variety of fields. The carbon-based nanocomposite (Fe3O4/MWCNT-COOH/Extract/PdL@DOX/p-CRISPR/Extract) have been prepared using tangerine and egg white extract as a second layer of nanocomposites. Then, doxorubicin (DOX) and PdC16H10N4O3 (PdL) were added to the mixture. Based on the previous studies, L (carboxamide-based ligand) has a potent desire for connecting and then blocking the HER-2, and σ2 (tumor's overexpressed receptors) and PdL could enhance the sustainability of the DOX by hydrogen bonding and π-π interaction. The effect of biotin on site-specific delivery has been investigated by utilizing two... 

    Downscaling of the flood discharge in a probabilistic framework

    , Article Journal of Hydro-Environment Research ; Volume 43 , 2022 , Pages 10-21 ; 15706443 (ISSN) Moghim, S ; Gharehtoragh, M. A ; Sharif University of Technology
    Elsevier B.V  2022
    Many modeled and observed data are in coarse resolution, which are required to be downscaled. This study develops a probabilistic method to downscale 3-hourly runoff to hourly resolution. Hourly data recorded at the Poldokhtar Stream gauge (Karkheh River basin, Iran) during flood events (2009–2019) are divided into two groups including calibration and validation. Statistical tests including Chi-Square and Kolmogorov–Smirnov test indicate that the Burr distribution is proper distribution functions for rising and falling limbs of the floods’ hydrograph in calibration (2009–2013). A conditional ascending/descending random sampling from the constructed distributions on rising/falling limb is... 

    Reduced polydopamine coated graphene for delivery of Hset1 antisense as A photothermal and gene therapy of breast cancer

    , Article Journal of Drug Delivery Science and Technology ; Volume 73 , 2022 ; 17732247 (ISSN) Babavalian, A ; Tekie, F. S. M ; Ayazi, H ; Ranjbar, S ; Varshochian, R ; Rad-Malelkshahi, M ; Akhavan, O ; Dinarvand, R ; Sharif University of Technology
    Editions de Sante  2022
    Breast cancer is the most prevalent type of cancer in women; hence, many researches have been focused on developing effective treatment protocols. In this study, a novel nanocarrier was fabricated for gene and photothermal combination cancer therapy by conjugating histone methyltransferase complex subunit SET1 (hSET1) on reduced polydopamine coated graphene oxide nanosheets (rGO-PDA). The rGO-PDA nanocarriers provide higher near-infrared absorption and further integrating with hSET1 antisense as an anticancer gene that down-regulates the amount of hSET1 overexpressed and suppresses the proliferation of cancer cells. The nanoplatform was prepared by polymerizing of dopamine, a mussel adhesive... 

    Shaking table test for assessing the seismic performance of semi-anchored steel water tanks

    , Article Thin-Walled Structures ; Volume 176 , 2022 ; 02638231 (ISSN) Tavasoli, S ; Shahrouz Sotudeh, A ; Bakhshi, A ; Sharif University of Technology
    Elsevier Ltd  2022
    The seismic responses of steel water tanks are unconventional given their complex dynamic behavior and the sources of nonlinearity. Therefore, providing a reliable, finite-element model is instrumental in better understanding their dynamic behavior and improving the design conditions. This paper aims to evaluate the seismic performance of steel water tanks using shaking table tests and provide a finite-element reference model for simulating real-size, semi-anchored water tanks by conducting a series of large-scale tests in the Shaking Table Lab of the Sharif University of Technology (SUT). Since scaling the tank requires a difficult process involving changing the liquid density, this paper... 

    Applications of soft computing in nuclear power plants: A review

    , Article Progress in Nuclear Energy ; Volume 149 , 2022 ; 01491970 (ISSN) Ramezani, I ; Moshkbar Bakhshayesh, K ; Vosoughi, N ; Ghofrani, M. B ; Sharif University of Technology
    Elsevier Ltd  2022
    Soft Computing (SC) is defined as a group of computational techniques that solve complex problems independent of mathematical models. SC techniques including artificial neural networks (ANNs), fuzzy systems (FSs), evolutionary algorithms (EAs), etc., can solve problems that either cannot be solved by the analytical/conventional methods or require a long computation time. Due to their features, SC techniques are nowadays widely used in scientific and industrial researches. SC techniques have also been included in many types of research related to nuclear power plants (NPPs). In this paper, the applications of SC techniques in NPPs, according to published articles, are presented. The... 

    A computational approach to homans social exchange theory

    , Article Physica A: Statistical Mechanics and its Applications ; Volume 597 , 2022 ; 03784371 (ISSN) Enayat, T ; Mehrani Ardebili, M ; Reyhani Kivi, R ; Amjadi, B ; Jamali, Y ; Sharif University of Technology
    Elsevier B.V  2022
    How does society work? How do groups emerge within society? What are the effects of emotions and memory on our everyday actions? George Homans, like us, had a perspective on what society is, except that he was a sociologist. Homans theory, which is an exchange theory, is based on a few propositions about the fundamental actions of individuals, and how values, memory, and expectations affect their behavior. In this paper, as Homans predicted, our main interest and purpose are to find out whether these propositions lead to the emergence of groups. To do so, computationally, Based on Homans’ prepositions, we provide the opportunity for each agent to exchange with other agents. That is, each... 

    Dynamic adjustment of the Eddy Dissipation Concept model for turbulent/combustion interactions in mixed combustion regimes

    , Article Combustion and Flame ; Volume 241 , 2022 ; 00102180 (ISSN) Mardani, A ; Nazari, A ; Sharif University of Technology
    Elsevier Inc  2022
    The Eddy Dissipation Concept (EDC) combustion model, in comparison with some other combustion models, has drawn attention, especially for the Moderate or Intense low oxygen Dilution (MILD) combustion. The original formulation of the EDC combustion model is not developed for the MILD combustion regime, and a revision of the model could be considered. In this study, the effect of the characteristic frequency on the EDC combustion model has been investigated, and some parametric studies on the ratios of length and time scales of the fine structures to the Kolmogorov scales have been performed. Results revealed that finding optimum model constants for all combustion field with a wide range of... 

    The multi-depot traveling purchaser problem with shared resources

    , Article Sustainability (Switzerland) ; Volume 14, Issue 16 , 2022 ; 20711050 (ISSN) Hasanpour Jesri, Z. S ; Eshghi, K ; Rafiee, M ; Van Woensel, T ; Sharif University of Technology
    MDPI  2022
    Using shared resources has created better opportunities in the field of sustainable logistics and procurement. The Multi-Depot Traveling Purchaser Problem under Shared Resources (MDTPPSR) is a new variant of the Traveling Purchaser Problem (TPP) in sustainable inbound logistics. In this problem, each depot can purchase its products using the shared resources of other depots, and vehicles do not have to return to their starting depots. The routing of this problem is a Multi-Trip, Open Vehicle Routing Problem. A tailored integer programming model is formulated to minimize the total purchasers’ costs. Considering the complexity of the model, we have presented a decomposition-based algorithm... 

    Higher-Order quantified boolean satisfiability

    , Article 47th International Symposium on Mathematical Foundations of Computer Science, MFCS 2022, 22 August 2022 through 26 August 2022 ; Volume 241 , 2022 ; 18688969 (ISSN); 9783959772563 (ISBN) Chistikov, D ; Haase, C ; Hadizadeh, Z ; Mansutti, A ; Sharif University of Technology
    Schloss Dagstuhl- Leibniz-Zentrum fur Informatik GmbH, Dagstuhl Publishing  2022
    The Boolean satisfiability problem plays a central role in computational complexity and is often used as a starting point for showing NP lower bounds. Generalisations such as Succinct SAT, where a Boolean formula is succinctly represented as a Boolean circuit, have been studied in the literature in order to lift the Boolean satisfiability problem to higher complexity classes such as NEXP. While, in theory, iterating this approach yields complete problems for k-NEXP for all k > 0, using such iterations of Succinct SAT is at best tedious when it comes to proving lower bounds. The main contribution of this paper is to show that the Boolean satisfiability problem has another canonical... 

    Virtual reservoir computer using an optical resonator

    , Article Optical Materials Express ; Volume 12, Issue 3 , 2022 , Pages 1140-1153 ; 21593930 (ISSN) Boshgazi, S ; Jabbari, A ; Mehrany, K ; Memarian, M ; Sharif University of Technology
    The Optical Society  2022
    Reservoir computing is a machine learning approach that enables us to use recurrent neural networks without involving the complexity of training algorithms and make hardware implementation possible. We present a novel photonic architecture of a reservoir computer that employs a nonlinear node and a resonator to implement a virtual recurrent neural network. This resonator behaves as an echo generator component that substitutes the delay line in delaybased reservoir computers available in the literature. The virtual neural network formed in our implementation is fundamentally different from the delay-based reservoir computers. Different virtual architectures based on the FSR and the Finesse of...