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41 مقاله Numerical optimization and inverse study of a microfluidic device for blood plasma separation Shamloo, A. Elsevier Ltd, 2016 Separation efficiency.
42 مقاله Parametric study and design approach of off-center bracing systems Sedaghati, P. Seismic design.
43 مقاله Local and global buckling condition of all-steel buckling restrained braces Mirtaheri, S. M. Techno Press, 2017 Loading.
44 مقاله Shear behavior of ultra-high performance concrete Pourbaba, M. Elsevier Ltd, 2018 High performance concrete.
45 مقاله Simulation and performance improvement of cryogenic distillation column, using enhanced predictive Peng–Robinson equation of state Ardeshir Larijani, M. Elsevier B.V, 2019 Distillation columns.
46 مقاله A numerical investigation on natural convection heat transfer in annular-finned concentric horizontal annulus using nanofluids: a parametric study Ashouri, M. Taylor and Francis Ltd, 2020 Nanofluidics.
47 مقاله A parametric study on optimal shape of buckling restrained knee bracing frames Lotfollahi, M. 2007 Structural frames.
48 مقاله A numerical investigation on natural convection heat transfer in annular-finned concentric horizontal annulus using nanofluids: a parametric study Ashouri, M. Taylor and Francis Ltd, 2021 Nanofluidics.
49 پایان نامه مطالعۀ اثر تأخیر برشی بر دیوارهای برشی بتن آرمۀ غیرمستطیلی Study of Shear Lag Effect on Non-rectangular RC Shear Walls طبیعی، محمد Tabiee, Mohammad صنعتی شریف 1400 تاخیر برشی Shear Lag / الگوریتم ژنتیک Genetic Algorithm / مطالعه پارامتری Parametric Study / توزیع تنش Stress Distribution / تنش محوری Axial Stress / توزیع کرنش Strain Distribution / تحلیل برگشتی چندجمله ای تکاملی Evolutionary Polynomial Regression (EPR) / مقطع های بالدار Flanged Sections / عرض مؤثر بال Effective Flange Width / دیوار برشی بتن آرمۀ غیرمستطیلی Non-Rectangular Reinforced Concrete Shear Wall 09-54283
50 پایان نامه مطالعه‌ عددی اثر پارامترهای مختلف بر پاسخ‌ مکانیکی شمع انرژی تحت بارگذاری حرارتی متناوب در خاک رس اشباع Numerical Investigation of the Effects of Different Parameters on the Mechanical Response of Energy Pile under Cyclic Thermal Loading in Saturated Clay صادق زاده، محمد رضا Sadeghzadeh, Mohammad Reza صنعتی شریف 1401 شمع حرارتی Energy Pile / مطالعه پارامتری Parametric Study / گروه شمع انرژی Energy Pile Group / رفتار ترمومکانیکی جفت شده Coupled Thermo-Mechanical Behaviour / خاک اشباع شده Saturated Soil / مدل‌ سازی عددی تفاضل محدود Numerical Finite Difference Modeling / بارگذاری حرارتی متناوب Cyclic Thermal Loading 09-55594
51 مقاله Numerical study of the effects of process parameters on tool life in a cold radial forging process Afrasiab, H. Working conditions.
52 مقاله Application of elastically supported single-walled carbon nanotubes for sensing arbitrarily attached nano-objects Kiani, K. Nanosensors.
53 مقاله Equivalent linearization of non-linear soil-structure systems Esmaeilzadeh Seylabi, E. Wiley, 2012 Reliability analysis.
54 مقاله Assessment of a practical technique for active control of sound using microphone and speaker Joghataie, A. Elsevier, 2012 Sensor.
55 مقاله A parametric study using two design methodologies for pressure jet and swirl injectors Mazaheri, K. 2012 Jets.
56 مقاله Analysis of nanofluid heat transfer in parallel-plate vertical channels partially filled with porous medium Hajipour, M. Nanofluidics.
57 مقاله Dynamics of a delaminated timoshenko beam subjected to a moving oscillatory mass Kargarnovin, M. H. 2012 Dynamic response.
58 مقاله Heat transfer characteristics of mixed electroosmotic and pressure driven flow of power-law fluids in a slit microchannel Babaie, A. 2012 Transport properties.
59 مقاله Three-dimensional elasticity analysis of functionally graded rotating cylinders with variable thickness profile Ghafoori, E. Functionally graded materials.
60 مقاله Parametric analyses on the initial stiffness of the SHS column base plate connections using FEM Khodaie, S. Structural analysis.