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61 مقاله Flexural vibration characteristics of micro-rotors based on the strain gradient theory Asghari, M. World Scientific Publishing Co. Pte Ltd, 2015 Equations of motion.
62 مقاله Pore-level experimental investigation of ASP flooding to recover heavy oil in fractured five-spot micromodels Sedaghat, M. Society of Petroleum Engineers, 2015 Heavy oil production.
63 مقاله A data mining approach to compressive strength of CFRP-confined concrete cylinders Mousavi, S. M. 2010 Compressive strength.
64 مقاله On the temperature and residual stress field during grinding H-Gangaraj, S. M. Residual stresses.
65 مقاله Nonlinear vibration of a three-dimensional moving gantry crane subjected to a travelling trolley hoisting a swinging object Younesian, D. 2010 Nonlinear equations.
66 مقاله Pore network modeling of nanoporous ceramic membrane for hydrogen separation Moeini, M. 2010 Gas permeable membranes.
67 مقاله Buckling analysis of tapered composite beams using a higher order finite element formulation Zabihollah, A. 2010 Finite element method.
68 مقاله Residual stress analysis of autofrettaged thick-walled spherical pressure vessel Maleki, M. 2010 Finite element method.
69 مقاله A new analytical model of a radial turbine and validation by experiments Pourfarzaneh, H. 2010 Experiments.
70 مقاله Effects of insulated and isothermal baffles on pseudosteady-state natural convection inside spherical containers Duan, Y. 2010 Spheres.
71 مقاله Estimating liquefaction-induced settlement of shallow foundations by numerical approach Shahir, H. 2010 Soil-structure interaction.
72 مقاله A new analytical model of a centrifugal compressor and validation by experiments Pourfarzaneh, H. 2010 Centrifugal compressors.
73 مقاله Residual stresses in autofrettaged vessel made of functionally graded material Haghpanah Jahromi, B. Vessel.
74 مقاله Behavior of polymer concrete beam/pile confined with CFRP sleeves Toufigh, V. Filled polymers.
75 مقاله Experimental study of onset of subcooled annular flow boiling Ahmadi, R. 2009 Heat flux.
76 مقاله Experimental and analytical study on channel shear connectors in fiber-reinforced concrete Maleki, S. 2009 Concretes.
77 مقاله Proposal and assessment of a new geothermal-based multigeneration system for cooling, heating, power, and hydrogen production, using LNG cold energy recovery Ebadollahi, M. Elsevier Ltd, 2019 Turbine.
78 مقاله Behavior of polymer concrete beam/pile confined with CFRP sleeves Toufigh, V. Taylor and Francis Inc, 2019 Filled polymers.
79 مقاله Computational predictions for estimating the maximum deflection of reinforced concrete panels subjected to the blast load Shishegaran, A. Elsevier Ltd, 2020 Reinforced concrete.
80 مقاله Using the fluid/structure interaction to mitigate the seismic response of structures equiped with cylindrical liquid tanks subjected to near field earthquakes Attari, N. K. A. 2008 Liquid sloshing.